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Edwin Neeleman

Edwin Neeleman
Photo by Hilda van der Lee

Born in The Netherlands I started to take up photography as a hobby about the age of 15. With a very basic Praktica camera I discovered the world of apertures and slutter times and captured all kinds of subjects, but my major interests were in nature and landscape photography. Through the years I became an experienced and fanatic photographer.

When I started travelling I replaced the Praktica for a Canon T70 camera. A few years later I bought myself a Nikon FM2 and for many years I have been working with the Nikon FM2 to my entire satisfaction, until I made the switch to digital photography in 2006. Since then a Nikon D80 is my true camera companion.

As dawn is my favourite time of the day I am frequently going out very early in the morning, trying to capture this special moment of the day with its beautiful and mystic light.


For all photos on this website I have been using the following equipment: